The Work of Art: An Exhibition of Art, Labour and Working Life

Curated by Grace McQuilten & Shanti Sumartojo

1-11 May, Mission to Seafarers, Docklands

The Work of Art is an exhibition about labour, working life and artistic practice. It opens on Tuesday 1 May to coincide with International May Day – a day for reflecting on the conditions of workers worldwide.

This is an age where we are constantly told that work is on the brink of becoming immaterial. Are we at risk of forgetting the physical, emotional and intellectual labour that is inherent to production, and the innumerable areas of our economy that rely upon the hard labour of bodies and hands?

The The Murphy Project: Arts, Labour and Working Life Collective is a multi-disciplinary group that brings together academics in RMIT University to work collaboratively to critically explore work, labour and working class life through a range of perspectives. This exhibition was funded by the Social Change Enabling Capability Platform Capability Development Fund grant New Work & Everyday Life: imagery, performance and new activism.