Bek Conroy

Rebecca Conroy is an interdisciplinary artist working across site, community engagement, and performative interventions with an artist-led philosophy. Her work is bound up in mimetic strategies and the playful occupation of non-art fields such as urban planning, economics, and housing, particularly where it concerns the behaviour of cities and the rise of the creative entrepreneur within finance capitalism. From 2011 – 2014 she was conductor of The Yurt Empire, a rogue housing project and encounter in the inner city of Sydney. She recently built a Bike-Book-Machine, and is currently devising plans for an alternative economy in the shape of A Very Beautiful Laundromat for 2018. In 2015 she spent 3 months going on a series of dates with economists in Europe and North America, for an audio piece called Dating an Economist Dating an Economist commissioned by Radio National (2016). In November 2017 with Vitalstatistix (SA) she premiered her new work Iron Lady, a performance intervention—part espionage, part invisible labour, set in the finance district.


Dating an Accountant

Video (duration TBC) Filming and editing: Alex Sibbison

Bek Conroy’s video installation, Dating an Accountant, documents a performative investigation of the uncertainties of accounting procedures and the necessity for love and courtship. How do you measure a good-looking conversation? What is the value of mess? When can you count on it?

The work draws attention to the often tense and complex relationship between art-making and finance. During April 2018, Bek Conroy was Monash Business School’s inaugural artist-in-resident, playfully investigating accounting and the everyday. This project was first initiated by the artist Dr. Rebecca Conroy as Dating an Economist which in 2015, saw her travel across 3 countries dating 5 economists to record her findings for an audio piece commissioned by Radio National.

In this current iteration, the artist has invited six accountants to go on a ‘date’ with her for 30 minutes. The encounter was filmed and then edited into video that explores value, the complexity of accounting language and the contradictions and complications of measuring the emotional lives of humans.