Nicholas Walton Healey, The Disassembly Line, 2018. Photographic print on paper.

Nicholas Walton-Healey

Nicholas Walton-Healey is a documentary photographer and PhD candidate at RMIT University in Melbourne. Nicholas’ practice-led research has involved him developing long-term collaborations with several Indigenous families in the Northern Territory, and particularly in Darwin, where he and his fiancé now live. Nicholas’ first book Land Before Lines, for which he photographed 68 poets throughout Victoria, was published in 2014. The Disassembly Line is scheduled for release with T&G Publishing in June 2018.


"The Disassembly Line" is a documentary photography series that takes viewers inside a rural Australian abattoir. Although providing access into a space largely withheld from public view, these photographs extend beyond a didactic statement on the implications of consuming meat. The question they pose pertains more to the privileging of principles of rationality, efficiency, and compartmentalization, which are shown to shape the faces and bodies working on and beyond the abattoir’s killing floor.