Suzan Dlouhy, Untitled, 2018. Upcycled denim fabric.

Suzan Dlouhy

Suzan Dlouhy is a ‘hands on’ fashion designer who specialises in sustainable design. Currently producing collections in Melbourne under her label SZN, Dlouhy utilises her own reductive pattern making style to produce minimal silhouettes that focus on craftsmanship and intelligent design. Dlouhy also designs costumes for film and stage, often assembling looks from found objects, recycled clothes and upcycled items. After completing a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) at the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2012, she has worked in a range of professional contexts. Her designs can be seen in music videos, dance productions, fashion parades, exhibitions and an opera. She has also contributed to larger scale projects such as the creating and running of an interactive pop-up fashion space in the award winning ‘Hotel Hotel’. Most recently Dlouhy was awarded the inaugural Best in Category Fashion Design Award at the Victorian Premier’s Good Design Award.

Dlouhy will also be “working” from the space of the gallery on Saturday, May 5 th .


Suzan Dlouhy’s textile works are suspended from the ceiling of the Dome room, acting as placeholders for the bodies of seaworkers’ who used to climb ropes in this space as a makeshift gymnasium in between sea journeys. They bring to mind the bodily movements of hard labour.

Working from upcycled denim, Dlouhy repurposes waste into wearable garments. Denim is a hard-wearing fabric useful in industrial garments, however as a fashion item it is often discarded when it wears out. Suzan seeks to use worn denim as a material input, both for sustainable and aesthetic reasons. Each garment is distinct and unique, telling a story of its past wearers, and living a second (longer) life in the fashion cycle.

Dlouhy will also be “working” from the space of the gallery on Saturday, May 5th.